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Identity theft continues to be on the rise with millions of people falling victim every year. Some may be victims without even realizing it. In this New Day Northwest segment, Community Relations Coordinator Suzanne Klenk reviews the crucial steps you need to take when your identity has been stolen.

Warning signs that you've become a victim

  • Accounts appearing on your credit report you never opened.
  • Bills or collection notices for an account you never opened.
  • Being denied credit due to a poor credit score when your score has been good in the past.
  • Being denied services because records show you have already received them.

Steps to take when you've become a victim

  • Contact us (and your other financial institutions) so we can help protect your accounts.
  • File a police report and obtain a case number. You'll need the case number as you go through the recovery steps.
  • File a fraud/identity theft alert with all three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union). Since this alert is only in effect for 90 days, you should also file an identity theft affidavit.

What an identity theft affidavit is and where to find it
This affidavit extends your fraud/identity theft alert at the credit bureaus for seven years. You will also need to send copies of it to all of the entities you have notified, including:

  • DMV
  • Department of Retirement Systems
  • Department of Social Security
  • Your Human Resources Department
  • Financial institutions and creditors

This affidavit is available on the Federal Trade Commission website along with other helpful information and tips on identity theft and recovery.

Want to learn more?

  • Watch our two-part webinar on identity theft prevention and recovery.
  • Read more on our website.
  • To request a free workshop for your business or organization, e-mail us.
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